WELL certification for our colleague

    Congratulations to our fellow engineer Mathieu Leroy, who has become a WELL accredited professional.

    The WELL certification is an American certification distributed internationally and applied mainly to office buildings (new construction and renovation) but recently extended to other tertiary buildings.

    It differs from LEED and BREEAM (building sustainability) certifications in that it focuses on the health – a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being – of the people who work in or visit a place.

    WELL therefore draws on a corpus of medical research that explores the link between the buildings in which most of us spend most of our time and the health and well-being impacts on us as occupants.

    Seven themes are considered: air, water, light, food, Physical condition, acoustic and thermal comfort, and mind.

    Within these themes, this certification proposes a list of criteria that relate to design choices and internal policies. Each criterion – certified/measured/monitored – aims to have a positive impact on our vital systems.

    Several levels of performance can be aimed at – silver, gold or platinum – depending on the level of excellence to be achieved.

    WELL accredited professionals are facilitators who help implement the WELL methodology in projects.

    There are almost 6000 certified projects worldwide.