Redevelopment of the “Boulevards du Centre”
Redevelopment of the “Boulevards du Centre”
Redevelopment of the “Boulevards du Centre”

    Redevelopment of the “Boulevards du Centre”

    Redevelopment of Boulevard Anspach, places de la Bourse, de Brouckère et Fontainas and adjacent streets, over a total area of 59,000 m², with the aim of :

    • to enhance public space by transforming it into a friendly meeting place where pedestrians will have priority, in the spirit of the city’s new mobility plan,
    • to improve the quality of life, both for the inhabitants of Brussels and for its visitors and passers-by, by installing quality public spaces (small pocket gardens accessible to all, fountains, etc.),
    • to create a new balance between the different modes of transportation on the site by installing the notion of «shared spaces»,
    • to create a sustainable, quality development that resists the dynamics of a metropolitan context and is flexible in its use, both socially and ecologically.

    The project also includes :

    • the waterproofing of the Bourse and de Brouckère metro stations,
    • the requalification of access to (pre) metro stations,
    • a stormwater harvesting system ; the stormwater will be stored under the planting strips and will be used to irrigate the trees and plants on the boulevards. This system will also provide some buffering of rainwater on the site.


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    Complete mission, including in particular the follow-up and the assistance to the contracting authorities during execution phase

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