Viaduct of the Gueule

    Viaduct of the Gueule

    Consolidation of the piles and replacement of the deck of a 1108-meter-long railway viaduct on the line 24 (Glons – Aachen).

    This two-tracks bridge is composed of 22 isostatic 48-meter-long spans. The 5 last ones are in a curved zone.

    Built in 1914, the old viaduct limited the goods trains velocity to 20 km/h. The rails were directly layed on the structure.

    The new viaduct has a similar structure to the old one, a steel truss. The maximum speed is now 60 km/h. The deck is composed of a collaborative concrete plate on which the rails are posed on ballast, to reduce the noise pollution.

    3 300 tons of steel construction, 2 200 m³ of concrete were needed.

    The putting in of the new spans could only be made during short interruptions of traffic, with two spans (7000 kN each) per week-end every two months.


    Execution studies for the steel structure. The choice of the building contractor was notably based on the execution variant proposed by the engineering office

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