Constitution Station – Brussels
Constitution Station – Brussels
Constitution Station – Brussels
Constitution Station – Brussels

    Constitution Station – Brussels

    Studies for structural work and finishing of the new Toots Thielemans station and tunnels (metro and tram) connecting to the existing infrastructure.

    The works are as follows:

    • the Toots Thielemans station (section C4A), under Avenue de Stalingrad and Boulevard du Midi, approximately 235 m in length;
    • the Lemonnier station (section C3H), under Boulevard du Midi, approximately 250 m in length,
    • two metro tunnel sections:
      • a metro tunnel approx. 250 m long, partially under the Palais du Midi, between the existing track under Boulevard Lemonnier and the new station,
      • a metro tunnel between the new station and the existing Midi station (approx. 275 m), under Constitution Square and Boulevard Jamar.


    • tunnel bored under the water table, beneath existing buildings (optimisation of the alignment, choice of tunnel excavation methods, underpinning of the foundations of the Palais du Midi, etc.),
    • preservation of the existing buildings and works (located above and close to the track Senne underground river, floodwater evacuator, existing tunnels, railway viaduct, etc.),
    • limitation of impact on (pre)metro and tram operation,
    • study of works phasing to limit nuisance and traffic disruption on the surface,
    • deviation and/or integration of a major Vivaqua sewer node present in the tunnel right-of-way,
    • coordination of the prior deviation of the utilities companies,
    • appropriation of an existing tunnel for later use as a founda-tion for a multi-storey building,
    • taking into account of the future platform walls.


    Complete architecture and stability mission in association with Systra and Sumproject.