The”Loi” bridge fully reopened to traffic

    During the summer of 2017, Brussels Mobility began repairing the two left lanes of the Loi bridge. Due to the high traffic on this major axis of the capital, the works were planned in two phases to ensure that the traffic was maintained. The second phase, operated this summer on the two right lanes, is now complete, and the bridge is fully reopened to traffic.

    Rue de la Loi is a major entry point into the capital connecting the central station, the parliament and the European institutions. The Loi bridge crosses the Maelbeek valley with 4 traffic lanes, 2 cycle paths and 2 pedestrian sidewalks using a network of prestressed beams and spacers that support the deck over 30 meters of reach.

    Our teams conducted studies on the sanitary inspection of the structure, the repair of the watertightness and joints as well as the follow-up of the execution of the works. The deck now has multi-layered waterproofing combined with a network of drains to ensure optimal water management.

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