Vivalia – New Centre-South Hospital in Houdemont

    Vivalia – New Centre-South Hospital in Houdemont

    The new hospital complex will have between 550- and 650-day hospital beds and places. It will bring together a large part of VIVALIA’s emergency activities on the Houdemont site, alongside the E411-E25 motorway, on a 45-hectare site.

    As part of an environmentally friendly approach, the project will consider the main lines of the landscape to locate the various activities and subsequently develop a care campus. The building’s location will make the most of the natural slope of the land.

    Spatial flexibility, patient comfort, ergonomics and care pathways are all themes that will be placed at the heart of the future hospital by the design team, which has distinguished itself by proposing an innovative organisation of the emergency unit, based on a care pathway approach.

    The buildings will be founded on the schist slab using either piles or false wells. The load-bearing structure will be mainly made of pre-stressed reinforced concrete. Depending on the use of the premises, the type of load-bearing floors may be oriented towards prestressed hourdis, pre-slabs or mushroom slabs.

    The new hospital will also be designed and developed entirely according to a collaborative BIM process, right from the planning stage.

    For access to the complex, a main access to the motorway will be created via an interchange comprising four connecting ramps, a roundabout, and a bridge. This structure will make the hospital site completely independent of the local road network. Its location will minimise earth movements and ensure the best possible integration with the site. A total of 1,500 parking spaces will be provided


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