Railport in Grâce-Hollogne
Railport in Grâce-Hollogne
Railport in Grâce-Hollogne

    Railport in Grâce-Hollogne

    Liège Carex is part of the Euro Carex network that is developing multimodal platforms for handling freight between road, air and high-speed rail. The Liège Carex Railport will be the world’s first high-speed rail freight station and from 2018 onwards will link up with future railports in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Lyon. Carex trains will emit at least 17 times less carbon than current trains and trucks.

    Bureau Greisch is responsible for all civil engineering and infrastructure studies for the railport and the two rail links, for stability of buildings and general project coordination within the project’s joint venture SM Greisch-BAG-Altiplan-Tractebel.

    The Railport comprises a 15,100 m² rail terminal with two tracks (extendible to three), a 6,240 m² hub (freight marshalling and handling shed), a 850 m² two-storey office building, a guard post for controlling truck access and accommodation for the station manager and train drivers.

    The terminal, 252 m long and 60 m wide, is covered by a steel canopy with a 15 x 12 m grid of columns.

    The marshalling shed (Hub) has a prefabricated concrete structure with a 18 x 30 m grid of columns.

    The two new rail links, each approximately 1 km long, will link up with existing lines 36 (Brussels-Liège-Cologne) and 36A (direction Kinkempois).

    The project also includes 700 m of access roads and around 8,000 m² of truck parking and turning areas.


    Complete stability mission and project coordination

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