Namur Law Court
Namur Law Court

    Namur Law Court

    The AdP² temporary company, made up of AUPA – CERAU – Atelier d’Architecture de Genval – Greisch/Bgroup, was awarded the integrated architectural and engineering study for this project following a competition.

    The building, with a built area of around 35,000 m², has five above-ground levels, including an upper technical level and a basement level containing car parks, archive rooms and detention rooms.

    The architectural and technical design of these office spaces ensures optimum flexibility. The courtrooms, multi-purpose rooms, press room, meeting rooms and public reception area are all equipped with the very latest audiovisual facilities.

    Heat is produced by two high efficiency condensing gas boilers.

    Two refrigeration machines, connected to cooling towers, provide refrigeration production. A third machine cools the data circuit in the event of a breakdown in the primary installations.

    Air conditioning in offices and meeting rooms is provided by reversible heating/cooling ceilings. Rooms with a high thermal load are equipped with dynamic beams or ceiling cassettes. The air conditioning of the courtrooms is of type «any air». The lobby is heated and cooled by an underfloor heating/cooling system. The central computer room is equipped with 2 refrigerated cabinets with electric humidifiers.

    All the air handling units are variable-speed dual-flow units equipped with an absorption energy recovery unit. The units treating the offices and courtrooms are equipped with a humidifier to maintain relative humidity between 40 and 60%

    A sprinkler system protects the premises on the upper floors. The central computer room has a rare gas extinguishing system. The car park is equipped with a smoke extraction system.

    All of these facilities are managed and controlled by a Centralised Technical Management System (CTMS).

    The building is powered by a high-voltage cabin for «normal» power. UPS and a generator provide «back-up» power for security and IT purposes.

    All the security installations (fire detection, security lighting, access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, ASTRID network) are connected to a dedicated security CTMS.

    The functional lighting is LED and managed by a global KNX system. In addition, presence detectors with photoelectric sensors enable dimming according to daylight.

    A sound system, of type « Public Address » covers the entire building.

    The building has external solar blinds controlled by a weather station. This system is linked to the KNX management system and to local override push buttons.


    Complete stability, building engineering services and EPB responsible mission