MontLégia hospital
MontLégia hospital
MontLégia hospital

    MontLégia hospital

    The new hospital complex will accommodate the St-Joseph clinic (Liège), the Espérance clinic (Montegnée) and the St-Vincent clinic (Rocourt).

    It will offer complete healthcare facilities (consultation, in-patient, check-ups) and offer 720 conventional beds and 120 day-care places.

    The new hospital will occupy an area of approx. 100,000 m² (footprint: 35,000 m²).

    The two accommodation wings are approximately 200 m long and rise to a maximum 6 storeys (ground + 5).

    The building rest on piles and is constructed of reinforced concrete.

    It is designed to withstand earthquake loadings. The floors are of prestressed slabs in the accommodation zone and preslabs or mushroom slabs in the medical/technical zone.


    Complete stability mission and health & safety coordination (execution)

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