Infinity on the Kirchberg plateau in Luxembourg

    Infinity on the Kirchberg plateau in Luxembourg

    INFINITY’s LIVE.SHOP.WORK. triptyque comprises around 20,000 m² of high-quality housing, a 6,500 m² shopping centre with 23 shops, restaurants and themed cafés, and a 6,800 m² office building.

    The project is based on a foundation system in direct contact with the underlying consistent sandstone. The sandstone roof level varies across the site and is weakened by the presence of fractures. A campaign of +/- 100 diagraphic drillings has enabled to refine the knowledge of these variations and to determine the foundation system more precisely.

    In the areas where the sandstone level is lower than the bottom of the excavation, foundation wells were built down to the healthy sandstone to guarantee the homogeneous behaviour of the tower’s foundations. The fractures are partially filled in and bridged with extra width of the footings.

    Office tower

    The office structure is mainly prefabricated. The central core consists of three shafts in the upper levels, only one of which extends to the foundations.

    Inclined columns generate significant bending and torsional forces on the first three levels above ground. Tie rods (prestressing bars), placed in the cast-in-place slabs of the relevant floors, allow the transmission of the deflection forces to the central core.

    Residential tower

    The floors of the tower are made of prestressed precast slabs (Cofloor) of 25 cm thickness.


    Structural optimisation and detailed design