“L’Enjambée” – Footbridge over the Meuse in Namur

    “L’Enjambée” – Footbridge over the Meuse in Namur

    The plan to build a footbridge over the river between Namur and Jambes is not a new one. But the exact location and type of bridge has been the subject of discussion for many years.

    In the second half of 2011, the City of Namur therefore launched a tender for sketch designs for the footbridge and a multi-criteria analysis for choosing a submission to go on to the preliminary design stage.

    Around ten sketches with four different locations were examined by Greisch (in collaboration with the IPé collective, Transitec and Prof. Vansnick). At the next stage, four sketches with two locations were chosen and submitted to the multi-criteria analysis to decide a location and a type of bridge to go on to the preliminary design stage.

    At this stage, the Grognon site and a rigid frame bridge with inclined leg supports were chosen. The bridge consists of a steel box girder 2 m wide, varying in height from 1 m to 40 cm at the centre of the bridge and the foot of the legs. The main span over the river is 100 m, with a total lenght of 184 m. The useful width is 5,8 m in the main section, 3,8 m on the side ramps, and 1,6 m in de stairs.


    Architecture and stability mission up to tendering; sketch, preliminary and final designs.

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