Country hall in Sart-Tilman – LIege

    Country hall in Sart-Tilman – LIege

    The Country Hall has been rebuilt to accommodate 5,000 seats in a sports configuration and 7,500 seats in a show configuration with a stage 12m high (on a floor area of 17,000m²).

    Only the concrete support columns of the metal roof, on deep foundations, have been preserved so as to be able to meet the deadlines.

    The other initial structures were demolished and rebuilt, largely in precast concrete (more than 1,750 different types of precast concrete elements from 300 kg to 10 tonnes, with integration of MEP). To facilitate the installation of new structures by direct access, and allow simultaneous concrete and metal sites, the metal roof of pyramidal shape was moved and deposited 200m from the start of the site.


    Stability mission (project and execution studies), MEP (project study), and safety coordination