Installation of valves 5 and 6 of the Monsin dam

    This Wednesday, July 31, the first two valves of a length of 27 meters weighing 150 tons each, were transported by barge upstream of the dam bridge from the assembly area and placed in their enclave with the aid of two floating cranes.

    The dam of Monsin, composed of 6 valves of 27 m length, is located on the Meuse downstream of Liège. It allows to regulate the level of river flotation in the crossing of the Liège conurbation and the Albert Canal to Genk. Inaugurated in 1930, it is the oldest dam currently present on the Meuse in Wallonia.

    The renovation of the infrastructure and the replacement of the gates takes place in 3 stages during the low-water periods of the Meuse, which extend annually from April to October. During the first period – between April 1st and October 31st, 2019 – the doors n ° 5 and 6 will be completely renovated. Pertuis 1 to 4 will be refreshed during the low water periods 2020 and 2021.

    The corks of each dam dam are constituted by a lower valve of the wagon-valve type surmounted by an articulated overflow valve.

    The temporary company Galère S.A. – Jan De Nul N.V. with greisch office won the contract for the replacement of the valves and the renovation of the dam. The renewal of electromechanical equipment is carried out by the temporary company CMI MONSIN.

    The watering of the first 2 sluices is scheduled for early November.

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