Recyfuel plant in Engis

    Recyfuel plant in Engis

    The Recyfuel company is specialized in the processing of special waste (hydrocarbons, oils, solvents, paints, etc.).

    The new factory consists in a complex of industrial halls for a total constructed surface area of 14,000 m².

    The characteristics of this project are : the height of some buildings (28 m high,12 m wide), the presence of travelling cranes on the upper part of these buildings and of large concrete pits (7 m deep) and the water-resistance beneath every built surface.

    The highest halls are made up of a metallic structure which works as a portal frame.

    The shared halls were designed with a usual concrete structure.

    All the halls are separated from each others by shell walls that provide a 2-hours fire-resistant barrier.

    The ground has very low mechanical characteristics over considerable depths and is very heterogeneous across the whole site (backfill of miscellaneous materials). Therefore, foundations were made on driven tube piles approximately 20-meter-long.


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