Ravine Fontaine bridge

    Ravine Fontaine bridge

    The gap is formed by a 110-meter-deep gully at the bottom of which no support can be built.

    The bridge is a 200-meter-long arch bridge.

    The unique arch is made up of steel and has a 170 m span. It supports a composite deck (steel and concrete) by means of radiating steel columns.

    The foundations are composed of concrete massifs casted in two indentations made in the gully banks.

    The arch has been built with the cantilever method from each bank with a truss made up of temporary diagonals and by anchoring the strain component with active anchors in the ground.


    Mission for the group of engineering offices greisch – tremblet – seti – coyne & bellier and the architects Zirk and Dezeuze : complete conception from the preliminary project to the definitive project, consultation with the companies, supervision of the execution studies, leading of the building execution, acceptance of the pieces of work.

    Mission for greisch office : representative of the group, conception of the bridge, complete study of the bridge in use, establishment of the consultation papers, consultations. Control of the execution studies.

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