Peterbos cycle bridge in Anderlecht

    Peterbos cycle bridge in Anderlecht

    The new Peterbos Footbridge replaces an older wooden structure that had become dilapidated. It connects the centre of Peterbos to the Scheutveld park.

    The arches of this bowstring bridge are constructed of metal pipes that are widened to match the shape of the bridge piles. Tie beams are constructed from metal sections at surface level, while the surface is constructed from azobe timber.

    The total reach of the bridge is 58 m, and a 5 m walkway is available to cyclists and pedestrians. The guardrails are constructed from stainless steel ca-bles.

    Their floating character is accentuated by the fact that the flat sections constituting the handrail section of the guardrail contribute to the effect of the tie beams. On the basis of this, the number of intermediate struts necessary to support this is red


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