Liège -Airport – Lemaire quarry rehabilitation

    Liège -Airport – Lemaire quarry rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation of an old tertiary-sand quarry within the scope of the extention works for the Liège-Bierset airport.

    The 170 000 m³ of waste, partially filling in the quarry, mainly consists in coal deads (130 000 m³) as well as in various waste from the construction sector (40 000 m³).

    The waste have been maintained in place thanks to the works below:

    • discharging the suspicious or unwilling components in a registered garbage dump,
    • setting up a chalk layer on the current backfills in order to increase the percolating water pH,
    • backfilling and streamlining the quarry with alluvium (200 000 m³),
    • setting up a waterproof layer linked with the peripheral drain under the silt layer in order to limit the percolation,
    • construction of a peripheral drain that catches the runoff water, linked with a new storm basin,
    • enhancing the landscape value.


    Mission : preliminary and definitive studies, execution project

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