Liege-Airport – extension of the runway
Liege-Airport – extension of the runway

    Liege-Airport – extension of the runway

    The project contains following works :

    • the lenghtening of the runway (length 413 m, width 45 m + shoulders) to allow the take-off of the heavy freight cargos,
    • the lengthening of the taxiway to allow for a direct access to the new end of the runway and to avoid movement on the runway,
    • the de-icing / anti-icing zone for de-icing of airplanes just before their take-off.

    Those works made some arrangements in and outside the airport necessary : the modification of the beacons of the runway, the design of a new sew-age system and a storm basin of 30 000 m³ with complete treatment of the discharge products, the modification of the public outlying road, the tunneling of a railroad in front of the runway, the realisation of earthwork and noise barriers along the new road N 637.

    The evacuation of the water towards the river Meus includes 2 400 m reinforced concrete pipework Ø 2 000 mm (two thrust borings 1 200 m long) with a central shaft 35 m deep and 2 600 m reinforced concrete pipework Ø 1 200 mm (in open excavation) for a nominal discharge rate of 3 m³/s or 11 000 m³/h.


    Complete mission comprising the feasibility study preliminary design, building permit, design, supervision and acceptance of the works, and also the health and security coordination

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