Ivoz-Ramet lock
Ivoz-Ramet lock
Ivoz-Ramet lock

    Ivoz-Ramet lock

    Construction of a lock (length: 225 m, width: 25 m and a 4.5 m lift) whose characteristics are the following:

    • located at the same place as an existing lock (to be demolished) with difficulties of access to the building site;
    • set up between a 136 m x 16 m lock that has to go on working and a movable dam;
    • incorporation of a hydro-dynamic screw turbine;
    • construction of cylindrical sheet pile gabions to be used for the building excavation.

    The road access to the new lock and to the new control building is made possible by way of a 33 m long movable bridge.

    The mission includes all these works.


    Complete architecture, stability, special techniques, electromechanical engineering and landscaping mission: preliminary design, basic design, tender documentation, detailed design, site supervision, assistance to the acceptance of the works.

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