Delta hospital centre
Delta hospital centre

    Delta hospital centre

    A 680-bed hospital complex occupying 100.000 m² excluding the roof.

    The building currently has 2 bunkers with (digitalized) particle accelerators, a room with a “dosimetry” scanner type “Sommatum Influence” and a brachytherapy room (“gamma med” type device).

    Built over a three-level substructure, the mushroom slab floors are cast with a minimal beam grid. Locally, the imposed load reaches 1,000 kg/m².

    Over the five-storey superstructure, the floors, without beam grid, are comprised of light preslabs with high perforability and subsequent adaptability.

    Special attention were brought to avoid propagation of vibrations in the structure due to the presence of a railway track under a part of the superstructure.

    The adjacent areas include a power house and four storey car park (1,000 spaces).

    This mission is undertaken by the joint venture DELTA 2017: Assar – Bureau d’études Greisch – Ingenium.


    Complete stability mission

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