Heritage: the Seminary church in Liège is protected from flooding

    New mission for the bureau greisch Heritage team, which has been awarded the contract, along with the bureau VIA, for the waterproofing of the Seminary church in Liège

    This vast building was originally built for the Friars Minor and was then occupied by the knights of the Teutonic Order from 1243 to 1288, and then by the Premonstratensians until 1799. Converted into an arsenal, the abbey became the bishop’s residence and seminary in 1809. The complex comprises two main parts: the former abbatial residence, dating from the 16th century and currently occupied by the bishopric, and the cloister and church, dating mainly from the 18th century and housing the seminary.

    The project includes the complete restoration of the roofs (framework and roofing) and cornices of the church (bell tower, nave, transept, choir and annexes) and the repair of the masonry.

    Photo: VIA Architecture