What makes greisch – Episode #3 – The Silver Tower

    In 2019, the bureau greisch is celebrating its 60th year of existence. This anniversary led us to make a series of videos which, through our projects and those who led them, tell “What makes greisch”.

    The third episode takes us to the summits of the Belgian capital and details our vision on high-rise buildings, with for example the Silver Tower and the ZIN project, which relates to the conversion of the WTC I & II towers.

    [Click on the ‘CC’ icon at the bottom right of the video to display the English subtitles]

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    Atelier d’architecture de Genval – Accarain-Bouillot, architects
    Ghelamco, owner
    CIT Blaton
    Regie & montage : Delphine Lehericey, Valérianne Poidevin, Emilie Morier
    © bureau greisch – 2019

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