Seine-Scheldt waterway – Upgrade of the Scheldt in Tournai

    Seine-Scheldt waterway – Upgrade of the Scheldt in Tournai

    As part of the works on the Seine-Scheldt link, the Scheldt is to be expanded to CEMT class Va at the Tournai crossing.

    The main works include the widening of the river Scheldt over ± 200 m at the Ponts bridge, the replacement of the Ponts bridge with a new steel structure and the widening of the central arch of the Pont des Trous bridge.

    Bureau Greisch produced various sketch designs for the two bridges in collaboration with the Paris architects ANMA.

    The sketches were presented to the public in late 2013 before the commencement of the environmental impact study. The construction permit application was submitted at the end of 2014.
    The proposed structure for the arches of the Pont des Trous is based on a contemporary design that reflects the form of the old stone arches. The design involves building new arches based on a three-dimensional grid made of stainless steel rails. The project also includes the refurbishment of the riverbanks along the Scheldt.


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