Polbrug bridge in Zutphen

    Polbrug bridge in Zutphen

    Arch bridge with 117 m span. Deck comprising two longitudinal steel girders of height 1.25 m inside two arches and supporting an 11.35 m wide, two-lane roadway, a 3.5 m wide cantilevered walk and cycle path. No longitudinal link with the arches and the deck: the deck does not act as a brace.


    Two metal box arches – height varying from 1.5 m at the foot to 0.7 m at the centre, and width from 1.5 m at the foot to 1.3 m at the centre.


    Two lines of 12 intersecting hangers – bars Ø 96 mm high strength steel (690 N/mm²) – Anchor points inside the deck box girders and arches.
    The piled abutment foundations support a high horizontal load (arc pressure).


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