Pier in Blankenberge

    Pier in Blankenberge

    The strongly-damaged construction, dating from 1931, had been erected on the foundations of the old building, dating from 1875 and required a heavy renovation.

    Because of the Pier localisation, the building is subjected to the tides and required the site protection by a cofferdam during the works.

    The coastal situation of the whole construction involves some specific constraints (extreme climatic conditions, chlorine, dynamic effect of the tides and the swell) and has imposed particular steps.

    The structure above the access footbridge level has been preserved and its concrete, repaired. Its foundations have been renewed and strengthened in order to create underlying volumes.

    The new foundations on piles support the frame via some columns made up of special stainless steel and filled in with concrete.


    Mission: complete study of stability (renovation and new constructions)

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