Marie Curie hospital in Charleroi

    Marie Curie hospital in Charleroi

    Hospital complex of 569 beds spread over 71,600 m² excluding roofing.

    Built over a three-level substructure, the mushroom slab floors are cast with a minimal beam grid. Locally the mobile overload reaches 1,000 kg/m².

    Built over a four-level superstructure, the floors, without beam grid, are made of lightened pre-slabs with a high index of perforability and subsequent adaptability.

    The surroundings include a fabric canopy and a three-level staff parking lot (600 spaces) with stainless steel fabric facades.

    This mission is carried out by a temporary association AUA, Art & Build, BEG and GEI grouped together under the name A2G2.


    Complete stability mission

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