Bridge over the « Grande ravine »

    Bridge over the « Grande ravine »

    This bridge is located along the “route des Tamarins”, road with 2 x 2 lanes, that was officially opened on june 2009. This road reduces the traffic on the road along the west coast of the island.

    This 288-meter-long bridge spans a 160-meter-deep breach.

    The deck, made up of orthotropic steel plates, rests on two 20-degree tilted counters, composed of prestressed concrete.

    The counters are anchored in the abutments and their summits are holded by cables located in the deck. They are built with the cantilever method. The abutments work as counterweights.

    The two halves of the deck have been pushed from each bank and then fixed at the middle of the bridge.


    Mission : execution study (civil engineering and steel structure) and technical assistance on the work site during the launching fases

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