Gand-Saint-Pierre railway station

    Gand-Saint-Pierre railway station

    This project for developing a new station building is part of the overall redevelopment programme for the entire station area, with a view to addressing the sharp increase in passenger volumes in recent years.

    The new station comprises various parallel concrete viaducts accommodating one or two railway tracks. The ribbon of light connecting adjacent railway viaducts creates spacious platforms. Above this is a steel-frame roof covered with glass, making the entire structure transparent. There is ample space below the viaducts for kiosks, bicycle stands, technical areas, etc. Several lifts, staircases and escalators between the platform level and the area below the railway viaducts provide ample connections to channel large flows of passengers efficiently.

    The undersides of the trough girder bridges are covered with prefabricated concrete curved walls.

    The columns are formed of concrete-filled tubular steel sections. The inside of the tubular steel columns comprises a section providing space for the cable run.

    The steel roof structure protects passengers from the weather, while the extensive use of glass maximises light levels.

    The bridge viaducts on the Ostend side of the station are constructed above a new tram station that has yet to be built; the tram rails are diagonal to the railway tracks, giving the impression that the slanted columns are positioned at random.

    The central station area accommodates the passenger centre in which the columns have been arranged in a more regular pattern.

    The railway tracks at the Brussels end of the station continue over existing embankment. The main challenge for the studies is the particularly tight timing and the unavoidable sub-phases: no more than two tracks can be out of service at any one time.


    Mission: detailled design of the new station, parcel 1, i.e. from platforms 8 up to 12

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