Finance tower – Liège
Finance tower – Liège

    Finance tower – Liège

    Office tower, height 120 m surrounded with a three-level lower building, under a contract organised by the Buildings agency for the design and construction of a building to house the Federal public Finance department in Liège.

    The building is essentially constructed of reinforced concrete on cost grounds, but also to provide the required fire safety guarantees. An in-situ reinforced concrete core provides rigidity under wind loading (including turbulent wind effects) and earthquake loading, and takes up the horizontal forces generated by the sloping columns. The floors, girders and columns are of prefabricated concrete. The choice of prefabrication for the construction of this type of building is very important in order to meet speed, construction, quality and efficiency targets. The column size is constant over the whole height of the building to allow systematic finishing, while the characteristics of the concrete (C30/37 to C80/95) and the quantity of steel (0.4 to 4%) vary.

    The tower sits on a set of foundations in direct contact with the schist bedrock (12 m deep) with a high bearing capacity. The foundation level is located directly under the floor slab of level -3. Each of the tower’s columns rests on a pad footing cast directly onto and embedded in the rocky ground. The central core rests on a raft foundation supported by the rock.

    The building’s basements. located below the water table, are dry-built within an enclosure of diaphragm walls anchored in the schist and temporarily held in place by a double layer of anchors, or by a single layer of anchors and an internal berm.


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