Connection E40-E25

    Connection E40-E25

    The motorway tunnel (635 m) excavated under the railway interchange of Kinkempois extends in an open trench (480 m) along the canal of the Ourthe.

    Many side works were necessary, including a tunnel foncé for the access to the building site, railbridge deck placed with ripage, complex blindages and reinforcement of existing civil works, all of them allowing to respect close terms and to reduce the incidence on the railway business during the crossing of the 10 railtracks.

    Entirely located in the groundwater of the Meuse lowlands, the tunnel has distinct pertuis, watertight and drainage equipment, a technical pertuis, a longitudinal escape gangway, a natural ventilation through locally open roof, shelter schoulders, tanks for rain water and dangerous products, pump stations, technical rooms and all major security and traffic management equipment, an ecological storm basin for the treatment of water.

    The outer spaces are arranged : banks of the canal, movable footbridge, path for pedestrians, public esplanade, landscaping.


    Complete mission : technical feasibility, preliminary and definitive project, execution project and technical assistance during the building