Canalbridge of Sart at Houdeng-Aimeries

    Canalbridge of Sart at Houdeng-Aimeries

    This bridge, 498 m long and 46 m wide, carries the Canal du Centre over the Thiriau du Sart valley at Houdeng-Aimeries and over a major road intersection (N55 and N535) at the entrance to La Louvière.

    It is a post-tensioned concrete bridge. The cross-section has 2 inclined sidewalls that support the fish-belly transverse girders 4.50 apart, carrying the bottom plate and the loading of 4.20 m of water.

    Longitudinal and transverse post-tensioning provides bidirectional compression of the concrete in contact with the wet section.

    The bridge is supported on circular piles every 36 m that bear the very large loads on poor quality ground. Special arrangements were needed to manage the anticipated settlement.

    The deck has a total weight of 65,000 tons and was progressively launched into place (world record).


    Complete mission preliminary, definitive and execution studies projects and supervision during the building

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