Agoria in Liege
Agoria in Liege
Agoria in Liege

    Agoria in Liege

    The new headquarters of Agoria Liège/Luxembourg, a technology industry federation, is located in the Boulevard Emile de Laveleye in the Vennes district of Liège.

    The project is for the construction of an office building and a business and conference centre.

    Two parking levels are provided in the basement, together with a restaurant beneath the 8-storey tower, with an almost entirely glazed exterior.

    The new building includes several conference rooms of varying capacity (20 to 200 m²) and office space to rent (approx. 3,200 m²).

    A generous open space is planned to accompany the building. The building rises 26 metres above street level. This building type emphasises the unique and historic function of this office building within the residential quarter. The proposed volume allows for four stylish facades, improving the quality of the internal spaces (natural lights, views).

    The structure comprises a steel frame for the tower. This obvious choice minimises its visual impact and maximises the transparent effect of the façades. The floors are made up of original and innovative components – visible prefabricated concrete elements providing a loadbearing structure, a finish (no false ceiling) and an air cooling function. Chilled water circulates in pipes laid in the floor slabs, combining their high thermal inertia with a night-cooling function.

    Bureau Greisch was responsible for the full design and development of this technique.

    A more conventional approach has been taken in the parking areas, with a concrete framework of beams and columns and a floor of prestressed prefabricated elements. The external envelope is made up of a wall of secant piles set into the rock.


    Architecture, stability, building services and health & safety coordination