Our office has a new corporate identity

    Too big, too flashy, too colourful, our prior logo no longer reflected the current image and values of our office.

    Our new image had to :

    • reflect the expression of our values;
    • present a pure character, without embellishment or decoration, expressing sobriety;
    • show a certain dynamism and the fact that we are constantly evolving;
    • express the questioning without denying our past;
    • reflect the complementarity of our creative spirit (manuscript) and our rigour (controlled typeface);
    • have a visual balance, an adequate weight alone and in association with other logos;
    • be easily identifiable.

    The objective of our logo is to translate in a single word Рor even in a single letter Рthe excellence that makes our reputation, without forgetting the reference to our founder. Some will thus recognise in our new logo the initialing of Ren̩ Greisch.

    We are convinced that this new identity, which combines simplicity and relevance, will contribute to our influence both locally and internationally, to the expansion of our areas of expertise, and to the development of our commitment to the causes of sustainability, circularity and sobriety that we pursue on a daily basis.