Metamorphosis of a wing of Stavelot Abbey into a cultural centre

    The V+ / NORD and GREISCH team wins the competition for the transformation of one of the wings of Stavelot Abbey into a cultural centre, a project eagerly awaited by the Stavelot residents.

    The project plans to recess a large part of the “Belgacom wing”, over three levels in order to house an auditorium of 300 to 350 seats allowing a multipurpose use. It also contains spaces for workshops, offices, a foyer, and the technical spaces necessary for the operation of the cultural centre.

    Bureau greisch is responsible for the structural and MEP studies, building energy efficiency and health and safety coordination.

    Respect for heritage at the heart of our concerns

    The site, classified as an “exceptional heritage site of Wallonia”, requires special development. If the external facades are entirely preserved, the interior of the building – already transformed in the 1980s – is completely emptied, and exploited on all its height. The means of structure, technique and scenography are thus optimized to fit within the constraints of the budget and the existing building.

    Carried by the Commune of Stavelot and supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, this new space will undoubtedly contribute to the strong cultural image of the Abbey, a historical site of Stavelot folklore and associative life.

    Images: © V+

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