Pierre BAAR


  • +32(0)4 364 11 97

Pierre Baar trained as an industrial engineer at the Institut Supérieur Industriel in Liège (1979).

He had a 20-year career in Belgium’s Ministry of Public Works before moving to the Tucrail company in Brussels. He joined Bureau Greisch in 2004 as a project manager in the civil engineering division.

He became a director of various Greisch group companies in 2014, and since 2017 CEO of Greisch Coordination & Etudes.

With his extensive experience in managing public sector contracts in Belgium, he has led many such projects, including the extension and repair of the main runway at Liège Airport, the construction of multimodal platforms at Hermalle-sous-Argenteau, La Louvière and Auvelais, and the Cerexhe-Heuseux  – Beaufays motorway link project.

More recently, he has supervised various dock refurbishment projects in Liège and Charleroi, expressway tunnels in Brussels and various road and motorway links.

He also manages projects for OTW building and refurbishing major public transport arteries in both Liège and Charleroi, including the creation of a 12-km light rail line and his extensions in Liège.

In the reorganisation of Bureau Greisch in 2016, Pierre Baar took charge of the administrative, legal and financial affairs for the whole group.