Jonfosse swimming pool opened

    The new Jonfosse aquatic complex in Liège opened its doors to the public this Saturday, January 18. Composed of three pools, public baths and a parking lot, the complex meets high energy standards. This inauguration marks the end of the adventure for our teams, which have focused on studies of stability, special techniques, PEB manager and safety coordination.

    The Jonfosse swimming pool project is not new: already mentioned for a few years, it was finally through the stroke of a pencil from the architectural firm Henry Garcia that the idea materialized.

    The structure is simple and best adapts to the defined architectural principles. The frame, made up of standard profiles, has been optimized in order to reduce its weight as much as possible. This structure houses the shed roof, allowing natural light to enter the complex. The metal sheets also serve as support for insulation, acoustics and waterproofing.

    In terms of special techniques and energy, the sustainable approach undertaken by all of the partners in the DBFM team has led to an exemplary project from an energy and environmental point of view.

    Energy needs have in fact been limited by optimizing the building envelope, while valuing natural contributions through the use of large picture windows. From a technical point of view, the thermal envelope is insulated beyond the PEB requirements. The use of cogeneration, condensing boilers, and a heat pump dehumidification system makes it possible to greatly limit energy consumption. Water and chlorine consumption are reduced to their absolute minimum thanks to additional treatment with a UV lamp. The rinsing water from the sand filters is reused after filtration by reverse osmosis.

    Note also the special care given to exclusively indirect LED lighting, fully modeled in 3D and studied to obtain uniformity of intensity in the building and avoid dazzling swimmers.