Eurocontrol plans to build an extension to its Haren site

    After approval by the member states, the project will mainly house an operations room, classrooms for courses and testing of new software or technical systems, and visitor facilities.

    The building will also house offices, rest rooms with their necessary comfort elements for a 24-hour operation, as well as a green roof hosting a convivial terrace.

    This new building will be connected to the existing Mercator building by two independent galleries, including an elevated footbridge with a curved shape.

    It must ensure a very high level of safety and security of operations delivered by Eurocontrol NM.

    Particular attention is paid to securing the power supply to the equipment. Therefore, the power supplies of the critical circuits are redundant, as well as the switchboards and UPS that serve them.

    In order to provide a warm atmosphere and to avoid intermediate columns in the operations room, the roof is constructed with glued laminated timber beams and CLT decking. These massive radial beams have a span of 25m and meet on a reinforced concrete bearing ring delicately balanced on two central columns.

    The bureau greisch, as a subcontractor for the architectural office CERAU, ensures the complete missions of stability, special techniques, EPB and BREEAM.

    Figure: ©Bureau d’Architecture CERAU