An Eiffel Trophy for the Seibert Bridge in Paris!

    The Seibert Bridge won an award in the ‘Crossing’ category at the 9th Eiffel Architecture Awards.

    On behalf of Baudin Chateauneuf, we carried out the execution studies for the steel structure, including checking the stability of the structure during construction and installation.

    This 2,200-tonne metal structure replaces the structure built in 1931 by the Seibert company and demolished in 2018 following major structural damage. It comprises two spans, the first of which is a bowstring spanning the Seine for around 100 m, while the second, 50 m long, spans the RD7.

    The deck, which varies in width from 13 m to 25 m, is mainly reserved for pedestrians and soft modes of transport, and also accommodates a high-service bus line. The crossing forms a link between Meudon and the Ile Seguin, giving local residents access to the eastern part of the island, where a contemporary art centre is currently under construction.

    The Eiffel Trophies are a national award, granted by an independent jury, which helps to raise the profile of architectural works made wholly or in part from steel materials. This award underlines the fine work done by the whole team. Well done to them.

    photos: Baudin Chateauneuf