20 years ago, the Sart Canal Bridge was installed

    In Spring 2001, the last operations of pushing the deck were underway at the Sart Canal Bridge, which allows the Centre Canal to cross Thiriau du Sart valley at Houdeng-Aimeries and a major road junction (N55 and N535) at the entrance to La Louvière. The pushing of a structure of this weight (65,000 tonnes empty) was a worldwide premiere.

    Twenty years later, this extraordinary structure, the first of its kind in pre-stressed concrete, is still cited as an example.

    The bureau greisch had carried out a complete mission of preliminary design, design, execution and support to the management of the site.

    The Sart Canal Bridge is 498 meters long and 46 meters wide. Supporting 4 m of water, the height of its deck reaches 7.10 metres. It rests on 28 columns of 3 metres in diameter, 36 metres apart longitudinally and 33.40 metres apart transversely. The cross-section is made up of two inclined walls, bearing transversal fish-belly shaped beams. This transversal beams, with a 4.50 m distance between each other, are themselves bearing the bottom slab.

    For its contribution to the design and construction of this exceptional structure, the bureau greisch received the Award for Outstanding Concrete Structures 2002, awarded by the International Federation for Structural Concrete.